Why Teachers Secretly Wish They Didn’t Have To Grade Papers

    Sitting down to grade a stack of papers can bring on negative emotions, including stress, fatigue, and disillusionment.

    As a teacher, you may feel stressed because of the sheer number of papers you have to get through. You’ve already had a busy day at school, and maybe you haven’t even had time to make dinner before working the “second shift” of your teaching job.

    You may feel fatigued because this cycle of waking up early, teaching all day, mentoring students, and then working more when you get home never seems to end.

    Finally, the disillusionment – is this how you envisioned your life as a teacher?

    Fortunately, there’s a software that lifts the burden of paper grading.

    GraderAide is the most advanced writing grader available to teachers.

    Instead of spending hours grading, you can use GraderAide to receive immediate scores on written assignments.

    The score reports include a breakdown of focus and purpose, content development, organization, language use, and grammar. GraderAide also helps you to identify instructional opportunities and teach your students to become better writers.

    Secretly, many teachers are fed up with grading. Read on to find out why.


    Grading Papers Can Feel Like Drudgery

    Imagine you’ve read through and scored 20 papers about The Treaty Of Paris of 1763, and you still have 40 more papers to get through. You have to digest the same information written different ways over and over again – let’s just say it’s not beach reading!

    An essay-checker and grader takes the drudgery out of grading. All you have to do is upload or copy/paste an essay, and you receive a score in seconds. You’ll complete your grading in a fraction of the time.


    The More Work You Have To Do, The Less Consistent The Grading

    As a teacher, you’re human. It’s unreasonable to expect that you’ll be able to grade papers for hours on end with the same level of consistency throughout. While an online essay-grader can never replace you as a teacher, consistency is where it shines.

    GraderAide is designed with advanced, patented Artificial Intelligence that scores at or above human grading levels. Because it’s a technology tool, it never gets fatigued and grades each student fairly.

    The best part is that you can adjust scoring for different skill levels. You can select the grade level of your class, and GraderAide will score papers according to criteria for that grade.


    You’d Rather Spend Your Free Time In Other Ways

    How many times have you had leave a gathering early, miss a kid’s soccer game, or turn down an invitation to happy hour because you had papers to grade? Work-life balance is something many teachers struggle with, and GraderAide can help.

    By scoring student assignments in less time, GraderAide helps you to reclaim your freedom and spend your personal time however you want. Whether that means signing up for an exercise class or going out to the movies, you’ll have more energy at work if you get some time away from it.


    Do you secretly wish you didn’t have to grade papers? Consider getting a free trial of GraderAide today. An automatic paper-checker will change your life as a teacher and give your students feedback that will help them improve as writers.

    If you’re wondering whether an online writing-grader is right for you, visit www.graderaide.com.

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