Start The School Year Strong With GraderAide

    Helping students become better writers supports healthy childhood development. Literacy is an indicator of how well students will do in life, and teaching great writing skills also develops reading skills.

    As a teacher, you want to do your best for every one of your students. But with bigger class sizes and an incredible teacher workload, this can be challenging.

    Research shows that the more writing practice students get, the better writers they become. With GraderAide, you can assign as much writing practice as necessary - without spending 10 hours a day grading papers.

    GraderAide offers a complete score breakdown on assignments to show a student’s strengths and weaknesses as a writer. If a student is falling behind in their writing skills, GraderAide will identify what they need to improve on, so you can work individually with the student.

    The time you spend helping students learn is more vital than the time it takes to grade papers. Teachers can make a major difference in a child’s life. To learn how GraderAide can help you be a positive influence by elevating students’ writing abilities, visit our website:

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