Manage Your Priorities With GraderAide

    Picture this: It’s Friday. You’ve just gotten home from teaching in person, sanitizing your classroom between every class, and remote teaching; and now, all you want to do is curl up on the couch and relax. But then you remember the giant stack of papers you need to grade, and you fill with dread.  

    Teacher work-life balance is harder to maintain now more than ever. The 2020 school year has presented unique challenges with combinations of distance learning, in-person classes, and proper COVID-19 safety protocol. These new limitations can become overwhelming for teachers to deal with all on their own. Not only does your work life now span far outside of the classroom, but there is no separation between the home and the classroom.  

    That’s where the paper grading system GraderAide comes in. GraderAide takes the hassle out of essay scoring. As an automated and adaptable paper grader, GraderAide minimizes your workload to free up your time. Read on to see how GraderAide can help you manage your priorities. 



    The last thing you want to do after you get home from a long day of work is take on the role of paper grader with your never-ending pile of essaysThe separation between work and home is vital to keep a healthy, balanced lifestyle. So, take back your evenings and weekends with GraderAide.  

    On your own, it may take you a whole weekend to grade just one of your classes’ papers, but with an automated paper grader like GraderAide you could have all your papers graded in a fraction of the time. 



    All the extra precautions you must take on can make it difficult to stay focused and motivated, and that draining motivation might lead to inconsistencies in your essay scoring. While unintentional, this is unfair to you and your students.  

    GraderAide provides consistent scoring that takes a multitude of writing conventions into consideration. This paper scoring system can be adjusted for specific grade levels with the criteria to match. GraderAide’s score reports also include a score breakdown of focus and purpose, content development, organization, language use, and grammar.  



    Teaching during a pandemic does not mean that you must sacrifice all your free time to your work. Time for your family and time for yourself do not need to be things of the past. You can balance it all with just the click of a button.  

    Reclaim your free time and find balance with GraderAideVisit to learn more.   

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