Empower Yourself In And Out Of The Classroom With GraderAide

    Despite all of the technological advances made over the last few decades, teachers are still human and often tired… and with good reason. Sure, your tools have changed (like GraderAide, the leading automatic paper-checker for teachers), but you still have long semesters, lots of high-energy students to interact with, and piles of papers to grade at home each week.

    After all, there are only so many hours in the day to balance school hours, essay-grading, home chores, personal care and sleep. This can easily lead to fatigue, stress, hunger, and moodiness, all of which can have ramifications on your personal life and overall happiness. Even worse, these challenges can also affect your ability to evaluate your students’ work fairly and consistently.

    When you aren’t at your best, scoring even one essay for grammar, spelling and context can be a chore. Increase that workload into a tall stack of essays, and your best efforts to treat each student’s work fairly will likely fall short.

    Thankfully, all of the problems discussed in this blog have one common solution: GraderAide, the online essay-grader that will score your papers in moments instead of hours.

    What Are Your Symptoms?

    Let’s take a closer look at some “symptoms” that teachers experience as a result of spending too much time working (and why GraderAide is the perfect antidote for all of them!)

    a) Fatigue – This is probably the most common side-effect of having a never-ending scoring workload. Between hours teaching classes each day in school and evaluating your students’ work after-hours, your eyes, brain and attention span are all stretched beyond capacity on a daily basis. Fitting in family, friends and chores eats away at your time even further, resulting in less relaxation, sleep and energy. This cycle can continue all school year long, making your life an inescapable yawn-fest.
    Solution: Use GraderAide to score homework, tests and essays, and use the hours of time you save every week to get some rest!


    b) Stress – Are you devoting enough time to your loved ones? Your household chores? What about your fitness? For teachers, having your priorities in order often means that one or more of them will always be at the bottom of your list. For those of us targeting success and satisfaction in all aspects of our lives (and who wouldn’t want that?), falling short in any of these crucial categories can be stressful and frustrating.
    Solution: De-stress and stop worrying about adequately scoring your students’ work. You can depend on the feedback provided by a paper grader like GraderAide to be comprehensive, consistent and clear all school year long.


    c) Hunger – When time is short, we blow off the tasks that only affect ourselves, like eating. Skipping breakfast (or any other meal or scheduled snack) may seem like a great way to gain a few extra minutes, but doing so can actually set your entire day on a road to ruination. Distracting hunger pangs, dehydration and lowered energy levels can all lead to decreased focus on tasks at hand, including grading papers.
    Solution: While GraderAide handles the heavy lifting of essay scoring, take some time for yourself and have a bite to eat. Your body will thank you.


    d) Indifference – When we are tired, frustrated and continually encounter the same roadblocks in and out of the classroom, it’s easy to feel like our efforts have no value. What’s our motivation for trying our best if we will still fall short of providing exemplary education while living our best life? This all-too-common feeling of inevitable failure can lead to an alarming lack of effort in providing fair, useful feedback to students, and their progress will undoubtedly suffer.
    Solution: GraderAide’s expert feedback provides teachable moments aplenty for your students. Reviewing your student’s most habitual errors and reinforcing suggested corrections is a perfect path towards making them better writers. Let GraderAide do the legwork and get motivated to ramp up your students writing skills!


    e) Lack of Confidence – Are you a good teacher? Every educator wants to be regarded as such, but it can be tough to feel that way when the work associated with the job is overwhelming you. Unfortunately, this lack of belief in oneself can lead to hesitation, second-guessing and inconsistencies when grading papers, which doesn’t help anybody.
    Solution: GraderAide gives you the chance to balance your life so you can have it all. Own your day at school, home or wherever you may roam, and feel your confidence soar. Be everything you want to be in and out of the classroom, and your increased confidence will undoubtedly take your teaching ability to another level.


    Seize The Day

    We’ve spent plenty of time discussing all of the difficulties associated with a teacher’s rigorous classroom and homework responsibilities. For decades, these issues were an unavoidable part of the job, but technology has changed the educational world for the better. If you want to fix your work-life balance and provide your students with dependable essay grading, look no further than the automatic paper-checker known as GraderAide.

    Set The Table For Success With GraderAide

    GraderAide is your perfect automated scoring solution for saving time and providing consistent expert feedback with every submitted paper. Simply upload or copy and paste assignments into the web-based interface, and provide your students with a clear and comprehensive evaluation with a few clicks of the mouse.

    Unlike teachers, GraderAide doesn’t get sleepy, hungry, sick, frustrated or stressed. It doesn’t take a day off, and its performance is never affected by mood. Day after day, year after year, just put it to work and it will grade every single paper to the very best of its ability.

    So take a deep breath and relax. Make plans for that dinner with friends, take your kids to the park, or download that movie. Your students’ scores are in great hands with GraderAide.

    To learn how GraderAide is your key to conquering your work-life balance, visit graderaide.com.

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