Ace Testing Season With GraderAide

    Testing season is just around the corner, are you prepared? Students are not the only one who need to prepare for the testing season. Essay scoring is a top priority for both students and teachers because they better they score, the better that reflects on you and your teaching abilities. That’s why, the better prepared you are, the better your students will perform this testing season!

    Keep reading to learn some tips to help you and your students ace testing season!


    Prepare Extra Supplies

    You can help your students on the day of the test by bringing extra supplies. Keep the classroom anxiety low by bringing extra number two pencils, erasers, and scratch paper. This way everything your students could need is right at their fingertips, that way they can focus solely on the test in front of them.


    Practice, Practice, Practice

    One of the best ways for your students to show marked improvement on their writing and testing skills is by practicing. The best way to do this as a teacher is to assign your students more written assignments similar to what they’ll see on the tests they are preparing for.

    That way you’ll be able to see where they are struggling and make the necessary adjustments to your lesson plans and your students will be more familiar with important material for their test.

    Worried about all this extra grading? Don’t be, as an automated paper grader GraderAide can provide you with the aid you need to get these assignments graded without disturbing your work-life balance. GraderAide takes the stress out of essay scoring and grading by automating the process. Simply upload your students essays into our system and get immediate feedback and a detailed score report. The score reports also include a score breakdown of focus and purpose, content development, organization, language use, and grammar. Learn more about how GraderAide can help you and your students this testing season by visiting!

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