5 Ways Teachers Can Treat Themselves This Holiday Break

    You did it! You survived the first half of the school year, and now it’s time for a well-deserved break. What are you going to do to treat yourself this holiday break? Let us give you a few suggestions to relax and make the most out of your winter vacation!

    1) Get Some Rest

    There’s a lot of demanding work that goes in to teaching, which can lead to late nights upon late nights. Not exactly the work-life balance you should be striving for. Now that you have a break, catch up on your sleep!

    2) See The Sights

    Winter break is the time to go out and enjoy your evenings. Every other weekend of yours has been filled with paper grading and now that you’re free of those responsibilities you can see the sights of your town. The holidays are full of fun, local events for you to go to around your town!

    Or, if you’re really looking for an escape, take your family somewhere new and spend this winter sight-seeing in a brand new location!

    3) Enjoy The Weather

    During the school year the winter weather becomes a hindrance more than anything else. Now that you have the time, enjoy the winter weather! Make snow angels and snowmen with your family, drink hot chocolate while watching the snow fall from your window; anything that helps you embrace the winter season!

    4) Spend Time With Family

    Work-life balance often suffers for educators. You put everything you have into preparing your students for success that family time can suffer. Reclaim your family time this holiday break!

    Play board games, go caroling, a cozy night in with your family will always be better than grading papers all night! Enjoy these moments with your loved ones this winter break.

    5) Movie Night

    It’s the holiday season, the perfect time to curl up on the couch and watch your favorite seasonal films! Or, since you have all this newfound free time this holiday season, you and your loved one can make a date night out of the evening and go for dinner and a movie.


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