2 Ways You And Your Students Can Have A Better School Year

    Last year was a challenge for teachers everywhere. Between online learning, losing Internet connection in the middle of class, and enhanced safety measures, teachers had a lot on their plate.

    Students also had trouble learning in a new format – and focusing on schoolwork with so many changes in such a short timeframe.

    It’s safe to say we’re all hoping for a better school year ahead. The first priority should be your mental wellbeing. But your work-life balance shouldn’t come at the expense of students reaching their learning goals.

    GraderAide helps teachers reclaim more time to themselves. And perhaps its greatest strength is that it improves students’ learning outcomes at the same time. Does that sound impossible? Read on to learn more.


    1.) Reclaim Teacher Work-Life Balance

    Your workday isn’t over when you get home. After teaching a full day of classes, you still have lesson plans to create and stacks of papers to grade.

    The longer you put off grading papers, the more work piles up. Have you ever had to turn down a social event with friends or family because of work outside the classroom?

    GraderAide can help. GraderAide scores student assignments with the same level of accuracy, quality, and attention to detail as professional human graders.

    You can use GraderAide to save time scoring student papers. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to create lesson plans while still reserving time for yourself.

    If last year has taught us anything, it’s that teachers shouldn’t have to sacrifice their mental wellbeing.


    2.) Assign Students Helpful Writing Practice

    Contrary to what you might assume, saving time as a teacher doesn’t have to mean your students will learn less.

    With GraderAide, you can assign more writing practice. Studies show that the more students write, the better writers they become. They also learn more about the subject they research and write about.

    You can even help students who are falling behind reach grade-level writing proficiency simply by assigning more practice – and letting GraderAide handle the scoring.


    Some educators would say there’s nowhere to go but up from last year. As a teacher, you can make it a great year by protecting your work-life balance and helping students become better writers at the same time. To learn more about GraderAide, visit www.graderaide.com.


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